Our programs cater for a range of ages from 2 years old and up, offering performances at community events, team bonding activities ensuring every participant has the opportunity to live their cheer dreams and reach their full potential.

We teach our cheerleaders to have great team spirit on and off the floor, including everyone, being kind, friendly helpful athletes that we are proud of!

Our classes are divided into several sections:

Warm Up – A cardio warm up to get the blood flowing round the body and the muscles warm, which will improve stamina and prevent injury.

Stretching – Loosening the muscles to improve flexibility.

Motions – The fundamental technique behind all aspects of cheerleading based on leg and arm placements.

Jumps – Athletes start with basic jumps that then develop into more advanced sequences which will improve fitness and co-ordination.

Tumbles – The gymnastics of cheerleading. Athletes will be taught tumbles according to their ability, out sourced gymnastic lessons can be really helpful! All safely aspects will be covered, going through all progressions with physical support when needed.

Stunts – The ‘wow’ factor of cheerleading. Athletes support another’s weight while holding them in the air, executing movements similar to those in acrobatics. All stunts and techniques are taught on the ground, and then safely progressed in the air. Stunting improves strength, confidence, trust and teamwork.

Dance – Cheer dance is highly based on Motions. It improves the athlete’s coordination, rhythm, discipline and stamina. It is a chance for those who don’t consider dance as a strength, to still express themselves, let loose and have fun.