GRC Squads

We offer the chance to be part of performing together and amazing team training. Cheerleading can either be for a recreational hobby or for the truly committed competitive level.


Cheer Tots – age 2 – 3yrs

Tiny Truckies – age 4 – 5yrs

Firecrackers – age 4 – 5yrs

Little Nuggets – age 6 – 8yrs

Bomb Squad – age 6 – 8yrs

Prospectors – under 11yrs

24 Carat – 10 – 18yrs

Gold Diggers – 14+yrs

AU79 – Mixed age non-commitment class


Level 1 and level 2 classes available for tumble skills

FREE FLYERS CLASS 2 x 30 minutes per week


Thank you for your trust in GRC, for following our positive parenting rules and for being amazing role models for your children!

Download our Yearbooks below to relive the memories and be inspired for the year ahead!